Ms. Amanda

Ms. Angela

Ms. Becca

Ms. Becky

Ms. Carrie

Ms. Colleen

Ms. Courtney

Ms. Heidi M. 

Ms. Jan

Ms. Kathy

Ms. Krista 

Ms. Mary

Ms. Stacy

Ms. Tayler

Ms. Faith not pictured

Program Administration

Mary Matteson- Community Education Director

Early Childhood Coordinator 

Molly Danielson, Secretary

Otter Preschool and ECFE

Krista Abramson, Assistant 

Kathy Austad, Assistant

Astri Bjornlie, Teacher

Brandlee Davis, Teacher 

Nikki Drake, Teacher

Stacy Harbraken, Assistant 

Courtney Kort, Assistant 

Mary McConnell, Assistant 

Linda Morical, Teacher

Michelle Peasley, Assistant 

Colleen Schroeder, Assistant

Amanda Stach, Assistant 

Dacotah Stanek, Teacher 

Faith Stowers, Assistant 

Becky Thole, Assistant 

Tayler Thompson, Assistant 

Sarah Velde, Teacher

Carrie Wynn, Assistant

ECFE/United Way Child Care Visitor Program

Jan Woolever, Teacher

Heidi Mortenson, Assistant 

Support Staff 

Angela Erickson, Kitchen Staff 

Darin Rix, Custodian

John Gutz, Custodian 

Caring Connections-Fergus Falls area

Jean Kugler, Teacher

Early Childhood Special Education Teachers- #935 Special Education Coop

Sarah A. 

Jenny A. 

Heather B. 

Amy J. 

Kara J. 

Kari K. 

Jenny S. 

Trisha S. 

For more information

For program and registration information, feel free to stop by or call our office:

Early Childhood Education Coordinator OR  Secretary- Molly Danielson

Physical location: 2300 College Way Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Mail: 601 Randolph Ave Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Fax: 218-414-2682

Phone: 218-998-0544 Ext. 8900